The group, "Khira" was incorporated in 1955 by Mr. Jayanand N. Khira, as small company manufacturing wooden furniture catering to individual's requirements.

Later, in 1958 the promoter was joined by his son Mr. Bhaskar J. Khira. The expansion followed, and the group diversified into the manufacturing activities of Steel furniture, Bus Body Building and Renewable Energy Source products. New manufacturing plants were added in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra to cater to the rising demands of prospective customers.

In 1987, for the first time in the history of India, the Company introduced, the space saving Industrial Storage Systems like Tool cabinets, work benches etc. for engineering companies.

Further, during that period, the group entered into a technical collaboration with a Dutch Company known as Gispen + Staalmebul b.v for manufacturing modular office furniture systems in India.

To service the clients more effectively and to take the advantage of core competence of individual product groups, in 1992 the activities were distributed into smaller satellite companies. Since then the independent companies are operating under the Brand name of "Khira".

Since 2005, the group is representing a German Company known as "Intertex", which is specialized in vertical/ horizontal Carousels and Lift systems, which cater to the specific requirements of vertical storage needs of prospective clients from various sectors/industries. It works on the principle of "Goods to Men".

Khira’s products

Industrial Furniture like Tool Cabinets, Work Benches, Tool Transport systems, Palletise racking etc. are “Khiras” main area of expertise, and have found a firm place in most of the factories in India. “Khiras” is in fact one of the 1st Company to convert the concept of scientific storage to reality. Apart from standard range of storage systems if the quanties are large “Khiras” can customize the design of storage systems to customer’s specifications.

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